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This piece was inspired by the quiet joy and peace of a spring morning after a long winter. The colors are soothing and peaceful, with light pinks/oranges and greens. It is 30"x30"x 1.5” on wood panel, and it has multiple layers of acrylic paint between layers of resin. The sides are painted white, and it has a contemporary feeling and does not need to be framed.


A little bit about my process: 


When I work on these multilayered paintings, I begin by painting a first layer of acrylic paint on a prepared cradled wood panel. Once the paint is dry, I put a layer of resin on top and let that cure. Then I paint another layer of acrylic, then resin and so on. Most of my work has 4-5 layers of acrylic and resin. I do this, because I love the way the dimension that it creates. In my work, Im interested in exploring depth, dimension, color and organic forms found in nature.


Artwork ships from my studio within a week of purchase.    

Rise No. 3

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