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You've decided to purchase a print or an original piece of art, and it needs to be framed.  You can do this!  

I love the way prints and originals look when they are floated on a back mat, and presented in a shadow box frame.  Its a more modern look, and its easy to achieve.  

Here's what you'll need: 

*  Framers tape or linen tape - you can purchase this online or in your local art store.  I like Framers Tape II.

*an acid free piece of foam core that is 1/4"- 1/2" shorter than the piece you are framing on all sides.  I use an 8'x10" piece of foam core to float an 8 1/2"x11" print.  

* an piece of matboard in the color of your choice that fits the size of your frame.  For an 8.5"x11" print, I use an 11"x14" matboard and frame.  For a 13"x19" print, I use an 18"x24" matboard and frame.  

*a  pair of scissors


Step 1 : prepare your framers tape by cutting 4 pieces and then cutting them in half. 

Step 2: Have your foam board ready, and stick one 1/2 of your tape piece sticky side up in the corner of the foam board.  You want it to come right to the corner of the board.  Adhere the sticky side up tape to the foam board with the other 1/2 piece of tape sticky side down.  you can wrap excess tape around the edge of the foam board; it will be hidden by the print.  Repeat for the other 3 corners.  

Step 3: Flip your print upside down on a clean, dry surface and line up the foam core with the back side of the print and apply gentle pressure to stick it down.  Your print is now mounted to the foam core.

Step 4: Grab your mat board and have it ready.  With your print still upside down, follow the same process to prepare 4 more pieces (8 half pieces) of framers tape.  Adhere the tape to the foam core in each corner as you did in the steps above.  

Step 5: Flip your print and foam core over and apply gentle pressure to the piece to stick it to the mat board.  Make sure it is placed evenly.  You can do this by measuring it, or by eye.  

Step 6: pop it in a shadowbox frame and you now have a beautifully floated piece of art!

photo aug 19, 9 58 31 am_edited.png
photo aug 19, 9 47 12 am (1).jpg
photo aug 19, 9 47 42 am (1).jpg
photo aug 19, 9 49 25 am.jpg
photo aug 19, 10 00 29 am.jpg
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