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I am inspired by the beauty and patterns found in nature, and by mark making in organic ways.  I like to use unconventional tools that make organic and unpredictable marks when I paint, but at the same time I like to have a degree of control over my composition.  I make one mark, then evaluate the piece and make another.  For me, this is a study in the balance of chaos and control. The paint reacts to the marks that I make, and then I in turn react.  In this way, I am able to create a piece that is intentionally beautiful but also very organic and energetic.  

I am also interested in adding depth and dimension to my artwork, and have experimented with this in several different ways.  In my Sanctuary series, I created three dimensional marks which I layered on top of one another in a shadowbox frame.  In my Gaea and Breathe series, multiple layers of acrylic paint and epoxy resin combine to create artworks that are full of depth and mystery.  

Glover Riggs_Jennifer_3_Celebrate No. 3.jpg
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