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I am inspired by the organic forms found in nature, and by mark making in organic ways. I like to use unconventional tools to move paint, but at the same time, I like to have a degree of control over my composition. I make one mark, then evaluate the piece and make another. For me, this is a study of the balance of chaos and control. I also like for my paintings to have a lot of energy, motion, and contrast, and I’ve found that using unconventional tools such as hammers and mallets to paint with helps me capture this energy. These tools also create very unpredictable marks, so I constantly have to re-evaluate the piece. This happens fluidly and intuitively as I paint.

I allow the paint to do its thing to some degree, but I am responding to the unpredictable marks when I make the next one, in order to end up with something intentionally beautiful. When I work, it’s just me and the painting – everything else fades away. I work quickly and intuitively, constantly adjusting and readjusting as I make each mark. Experimentation is vital to my art. Before starting a new project, I spend days or weeks working on experimental panels to play with a new technique or idea that I have. This is a very important part of my process because it is through taking risks that new techniques are born.

I’m not actually much of a risk-taker in my life, so being able to take risks in my art has been very liberating for me. The key for me during the experimental process is to stay open to all possibilities. Often, I’ll begin experimenting with an idea that ends up not working out, but during the process, I’ll discover something else that is new and exciting, and this begins the process all over again. I love for my paintings to have a lot of energy and motion in them.

I want my paintings to feel alive, and for you to feel that energy when you look at them. I also want them to convey the sense of peace and joy that I feel as I create them. Each piece of artwork is original and each one takes me a month to 6- weeks to create.

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