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 Jen Glover Riggs is an abstract painter and mixed media artist who is intrigued by the organic patterns and forms found in nature.   Jen is best known for creating organic looking multi layered artworks with acrylic and epoxy resin. She uses unconventional tools that make organic and unpredictable marks when she paints, but at the same time she likes to have a degree of control over her composition.  She sees creation as a dance between herself and the paint as she both leads and follows, working intuitively and with purpose.  She makes one mark, then evaluates the piece and makes another.  For Jen, this is a study in the balance of chaos and control.


Jen’s paintings have been shown in juried fine art shows both locally and regionally, and her commission work has been featured in art collections nationally.  In October 2020, she was awarded the Betty Barker award for best in show for her painting Breathe No. 1 at the Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, CT.  Jen is a member of the Artist Collective of Westport, the Ridgefield Guild of Artists and the Carriage Barn Art Center in New Canaan.  Jen is also represented by the WIT Gallery in Lenox, MA, Elisa Contemporary in NYC as well as K Newby Gallery in Tucson, AZ.

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