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This is an original 30"x48" multilayered acrylic and resin on 1.5" cradled wood panel created in Aug, 2021.  It is signed on the back.  


When I work on these multilayered paintings, I begin by painting a first layer of acrylic paint on a prepared cradled wood panel.  Once the paint is dry, I put a layer of resin on top and let that cure.  Then I paint another layer of acrylic, then resin and so on.  Most of my work has 4-5 layers of acrylic and resin.  I do this, because I love the way the dimension that it creates.  In my work, Im interested in exploring depth, dimension, color and organic forms found in nature.  

The sides are painted white, and it is ready to hang.  You can frame it if you like, but it looks gorgeous and modern on the wall without a frame.  



Celebrate No. 6

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