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This is a 30"x30"x1.5" original multilayered painting on cradled wood board created using layers of acrylic paint and resin.  The sides are painted white and it looks gorgeous and modern on the wall without a frame.  


A little bit about the Breathe Series:


After months of feeling anxious and unable to create during the pandemic and a move to a new home and studio, I started thinking about things that bring me peace.  One of those things is being near the water.  Oceans, ponds, and rivers speak to me and I find them meditative and relaxing.  We have a pond on the property at our new house, and as I walked by the pond everyday while walking my dog, I started thinking about the properties of water; how interesting it is that water both reflects and distorts.  I was also thinking about the depth of staring into a body of water, and seeing the rocks/mud/sand at the bottom, but also seeing all of the layers of leaves, seaweed etc. that are floating in it.  For a while now, I have wanted to add more depth and transparency to my work, and with this series I saw an opportunity to do so.  In these pieces, epoxy resin plays the role of water, adding depth, slightly magnifying my marks and reflecting as water does.  Multiple layers of epoxy and acrylic paint combine to create peaceful and dynamic paintings that evoke the meditative feeling of staring into a body of water. 

Breathe No. 18

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